Foods to Avoid When Trying to Get Pregnant

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on March 9, 2012

Planning a pregnancy involves maintaining optimum health of both partners, leading stress-free lives and of course, eating food that will aid the conception of a baby. Just like there are foods you can eat, there are also foods that you need to avoid when trying to conceive. Primary foods to avoid include alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. Any forms of recreational drugs are absolutely forbidden for women trying to have a baby. Women trying to have a baby are specifically asked to keep away from alcohol and nicotine. Quitting up to a year before you start trying is advised.


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Foods that you should not eat when trying to conceive include shellfish and seafood. Fish tend to have a high concentration of mercury, especially tuna. Raw fish like that in sushi is best avoided during conception and pregnancy stages.

Good quality and fresh seafood cooked well, is not a bad idea. It’s better to keep seafood at a minimum. Processed foods and junk food are a complete no-no. These foods contribute high degrees of fat and very little nutrition. Eating a lot of junk food can also be bad for the mother if she suffers from gestational diabetes. Avoid foods that are high in vitamin C. Avoid raw food like eggs especially in dishes like mousse or mayonnaise. Unpasteurized cheese or milk should also be avoided. Some studies have shown that soya beans and soya products can also be harmful while trying for a baby. Certain fruits like papayas should be avoided as they are known to cause involuntary miscarriages or even premature periods. Excess salt and sugar should also be avoided. A woman trying for a baby should avoid refined sugar or salt. Instead she should incorporate natural versions of the same in her diet like honey, jaggery or rock salt.

Some research shows that there are foods to avoid when trying to conceive a girl and some foods to avoid when trying to conceive a boy, but there is little scientific basis for this. A diet high in natural fat and calcium is associated with conceiving a girl, while diet high in sodium and potassium is said to help conceive a boy. The important thing to remember when trying for a baby is to eat healthy, eat regularly and live good lives. Avoid food that is harmful like excess starches, preservatives, refined sugar and any stimulants including carbonated drinks.

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