What Food to Eat When Trying to Get Pregnant

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 17, 2012

You have finally decided to have kids. Fed up of postponing it due to career goals and ambitious plans, you now feel you are ready and can take up the responsibility. Before you jump the gun, however, you have to consider a few things– health being the most important. It is noted that eating certain kinds of foods can increase your chances of conceiving. You and your spouse should work towards becoming healthy. There are some foods you could be asked to eat when trying to conceive.


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While these foods are good for you especially to make your body more susceptible for conceiving a baby, they do not guarantee success of conception. Kick-start your health program with fruits and vegetables. The woman’s body before and during a pregnancy needs as much nutrition as it can get.

Green leafy vegetables, along with fruits add to the roughage a woman needs. Try and eat as much organic food as possible. Pick whole grains and complex carbohydrates wherever possible. This will help the calorie count along with the nutrients.

While seafood and fish can be risky during pregnancies, the mother-to-be still needs the good oily fats that can be found in mackerels and sardines. You can substitute nuts and seeds for these good fats if you are reluctant to eat sea food. Dairy products feature as an important part of best foods to eat when trying to conceive. Dairy, which includes all forms of milk, cheese and yogurt, are great for a woman trying to get pregnant as it makes her stronger. That, of course, is for people who are not intolerant to dairy or lactose. Increasing your iron and folic acid intake helps make your body fertile. Iron can be had in the form of green vegetables, cereals, dried fruit, bread and red meat. You can even take prenatal vitamins and multivitamins, both of which can be prescribed by your doctor.

There are many old wives’ tales that indicate eating certain type of foods while trying to conceive a girl or boy can help. These so-called treatments have no scientific basis. An acidic food diet is believed to be good for conceiving a girl and a diet high in alkaline is effective to conceive a boy. Acidic foods include stone fruits like plums and cherries, corn, fish and meat. Alkaline foods are almost all vegetables except corn, watermelon and spinach. Following a balanced diet and aiming for a healthy baby is the result you should work towards instead of trying to select a gender.

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