Getting Pregnant with Twins

By Kieth | April 4, 2012
Getting Pregnant with Twins

Many couples feel that getting pregnant with twins is ideal as they feel they can bring up two children together and see them experience various milestones at the same time. Many women also feel that instead of bringing up one child at a time, they can do it with two children together. They look for ways of getting pregnant with twins. However, there is no actual “formula” or way to ensure a couple of getting pregnant with twins. Getting pregnant with twins may be possible due to the advances science has made in recent years but this can be dangerous and lead to serious side effects as well. To learn more about getting pregnant with twins, one must understand the factors influencing twin birth.

There are several factors influencing twin birth. These include:-

  • Family History: This is one of the most important facts to consider if you are contemplating getting pregnant with twins. If you or your husband have a history of twins in your family, then your chances of conceiving twins is extremely high. Having said this, it is also important to remember that the birth of twins generally comes a generation apart. So if your grandparents had twins, it is more likely that you may have them. If your mother or grandmother was or had fraternal twins, you may have inherited the gene for hyperovulation which increases your chances.
  • Age: Women in the age bracket of 35-40 have a better chance of getting pregnant with twins than younger women. The rate of ovulation speeds up during these ages.
  • Diet: Increasing the consumption of dairy products like butter, cheese, yogurt and milk have been linked to increasing the chances of having twins.
  • Yams: Yams are sweet potatoes which have a chemical which helps the mother to hyperovulate.
  • Medical Assistance: There are many drugs that can increase ovulation. Speak to your doctor about them and ask for help. IVF or in vitro fertilization can also help you to get pregnant with twins.

You may be wondering how to increase chances of delivering twins. Keep these points in mind.

  • Keep trying: Studies have shown that the more number of children you have, the more chances you have of getting pregnant with twins.
  • Choose a partner who is a twin. This may also increase your odds of having twins.
  • Gain weight: Research has shown that women who have a Body Mass Index of 30 or higher have an increased chance of conceiving twins.
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