Benefits of Bariatric Surgery To Pregnancy

By Ashley | February 24, 2010
Bariatric Surgery Pre Pregnancy

Although bariatric surgery has been around for a few years now, it has only become more prominent recently because of the aesthetic benefits that the operation provides. However, it should not be forgotten that the surgery was originally developed to help people that suffer from dangerous obesity. The procedure is known as weight loss surgery and is performed simply by reducing the overall size of the individual’s stomach with the help of an implanted medical device (known as gastric banding) or by the removal of a portion of the stomach – known as a sleeve gasterectomy. While many people may view the operation as a quick fix answer for their weight problems, very few foresee the amount of pain and suffering that they will experience that is a natural occurrence with any major gastrointestinal surgical procedure. Because of the demand for the procedure primarily for aesthetic purposes, the United States National Institutes of Health have recommended for individuals with a body mass index of at least 40, which is reduced to a BMI of 35 for people that suffer from any coexisting serious medical condition such as diabetes.

When it comes to linking the benefits of bariatric surgery to pregnancy, there are definitely a number of benefits. For example, because of the fact that bariatric surgery reduces the mortality rate, it is much safer to be pregnant after having undergone bariatric surgery than it is to be pregnant while still obese. Moreover, obesity comes with a huge number of complications as women that are morbidly obese are known to suffer from conditions such as hypertension, gestational diabetes and fetal distress. As a result of the high risk involved in these pregnancies, they are likely to require a C – section delivery. Moreover, given the fact that rigid exercise, dieting and medication are not always effective when attempting to lose weight, a number of women prefer to turn to bariatric surgery to ease their woes. However, it is important that the woman wait for some time before attempting to become pregnant having just undergone a gastric bypass surgery. This is mainly because the body requires a specific amount of nutrition to aid the recuperation without the added stress of being pregnant. Any rapid weight loss, as is the case with this surgery, will result in the developing fetus being deprived of the required nutrients that aid in growth. It is also important to note that a bariatric surgery is known to positively boost the fertility of a woman.

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