HCG Levels Chart During Early Pregnancy

By Niki | June 16, 2011
Early Pregnancy Hcg Chart

When undertaking a pregnancy test, the most commonly looked for hormone in the urine, or the blood of the hopeful expectant mother is HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. The hcg levels chart in early pregnancy help to check on the health of the fertilized embryo that is now beginning to develop in the mothers womb. It has been noted that women with lower hcg levels in the early pregnancy tend to experience miscarriages sometime during the term of the pregnancy. There are, however, many women who have delivered perfectly healthy babies even after having recorded low hcg reading early in their pregnancy.

While testing for pregnancy, the hcg levels chart ivf tests have shown higher readings than the readings of women who have conceived by natural methods. The hcg levels chart by week will show a rise or fall in the levels of the hormone, relative to the growth and development of the baby in the womb. Through taking a look at the early tests for pregnancy hcg level chart, twins can be made out because of the extremely high reading of hcg in the mother’s blood. As mentioned earlier, there are instances when the hcg levels are low and mothers have still been able to deliver absolutely healthy children. Worrying yourself over low hcg readings early in your pregnancy will only cause you more stress, which in itself is not good for the development of your child.

Even in the early stages of your pregnancy, you are advised not to overdo any physical activity that may cause harm to the developing fetus. You are also advised to eat healthy foods and get enough exercise daily that will help with you staying fit throughout your pregnancy. There are a number of women who are really impatient about the results of a pregnancy test, and rightfully so. Looking forward to the birth of a child is something that every couple dreams of. The HCG levels during pregnancy can be checked as early as seven or eight days after the date of expected ovulation, thereby assisting in confirming the presence of a life form within the womb. The other important information about hcg levels that should be made known to you is the fact that the hcg levels will peak between the eighth and tenth week of your pregnancy. After this, they begin to fall and will soon become constantly low for the remaining period of the pregnancy.

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