Hosting Unique Baby Shower Games for Your Newborn

By Ashley | November 30, 2009
Baby Shower Games For Newborn

A baby shower can never be complete without a few interesting games. Here are a few unique ideas for you to keep your guests entertained at the baby shower for your newborn:

  • Organize a quiz based on baby care articles. You may give your guests a few clues about each article and give away a prize to whoever succeeds in guessing the highest number of correct answers. To make the game even more interesting, you may even have a special prize for the person who can estimate most closely the correct price of all the items in the final tally.
  • You can also test other young parents’ skill and experience in child-rearing by organizing a quiz relating to nursery rhymes and popular lullabies. Just utter a few words or an expression from the rhyme or lullaby and give a prize to the person who identifies it the fastest. You may even ask the contestants to name any other rhymes that they know of, and if someone comes up with a rare or new one, you can give them a prize too, as well as learn something new from them for your own baby!
  • Another interesting game is to ask everyone to suggest names for your baby. Again, reserve a prize for the most unusual names, and keep your ears open for you may come across just the right name for your newborn.
  • For a more innovative game, you could search the internet and collect pictures of celebrities when they were babies and organize a quiz around these, asking the participants to guess which famous personality’s picture they are looking at.
  • If it is a party exclusively for ladies, you can even have a nice round of interaction with all women who have had babies in the past, and ask each of them what they found the most exciting as well as the most challenging aspect of becoming a mother. You may also like to spice up things a little by having another round of interaction in which each woman recounts one funny incident involving her partner and herself, or one silly mistake her partner made in the early days of parenthood.
  • For another informative yet interesting game, ask your guests to take turns in listing out all the articles that one would need to take care of the baby in everyday situations like feeding, changing diapers, playing, pacifying and putting to sleep.
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