Causes & Complications of Premature Birth

Premature births refer to babies who are born after the first twenty one weeks of gestation, but before the complete term of nine months. In most cases, premature childbirth leads to the loss of a child, depending upon what stage of development the child is in. Children, who are born during the seventh month of pregnancy, or after, are more developed with regard to their internal organs and organs such as the lungs and heart are completely functional.

They may require certain medical assistance to improve the functioning of these organs, but they are able to survive. Babies who are born around the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy are still underdeveloped and it is highly impossible that they will be able to survive.


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Premature Birth Causes

Premature childbirth can be caused due to a number of reasons, the most common of them being that uterus is not strong enough to hold the child for very long. Overexertion and unnecessary physical activity by the expectant mother causes certain strains on the uterus that will cause her to go into labor, leading to premature birth. Minimal or no prenatal care, whatsoever, is one of the primary causes of premature births. Carrying multiple children is another common cause for women to experience premature deliveries.

The most common symptom of premature childbirths is the occurrence of cramps in the pelvic and abdominal area, suggesting that a woman is going into labor. Another tell tale sign to look out for is a watery discharge from the vaginal area, that is suggestive of a leak or tear in the water bag that cushions the growing child within the uterus.

Premature Birth Complications

Premature birth complications include the possibility of certain birth defects that cannot be corrected easily, such as the possibility of having immature lungs. Although the lungs can be strengthened with the help of steroids that are administered by neonatal specialists, these babies are at high risk of respiratory distress syndrome. When premature babies' lungs show a certain amount of deterioration, the condition is said to be known as Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. All the respiratory disorders experienced by premature babies will lead to pneumonia, which is a life threatening illness, taking into consideration that the baby is premature and that immunity is extremely low. With constant care, support from the parents and timely medical attention, premature babies are able to cope with their challenges and soon lead normal lives, growing up with other healthy children to be healthy individuals.

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