Premature Baby Vaccination & Immunization

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

The process of childbirth takes place after the fetus has grown within the womb of the mother. Under normal circumstances, the period takes about 9 months from the time of fertilization to the time of delivery. During this time, the various different body systems of the baby develop. The baby also develops the beginnings of its immune system.

Premature delivery is defined as a delivery of a live baby more than a week before the due date. Often, this delivery is many weeks before the due date. The baby,...


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.in such a situation, will be underdeveloped as its body has not had sufficient time in the womb of the mothere The child will therefore be placed in special care to ensure that it is not exposed to any unwanted diseases or illnessese

The vital signs of the baby can be monitored throughout this processs More on baby vaccinations

There is no specific premature baby vaccines schedulel The schedule that one would normally use for a healthy new born baby applies to the premature baby as welll The schedule for premature baby vaccines changes if the child is extremely underweighth Studies have shown that such babies may not be able to cope with the vaccines being injected into their bodiese Most vaccines actually contain a small amount of the infection against which they are designede This stimulates an immune response and helps to vaccinate the babyb A terribly underweight baby may not be able to handle this level of infection and may therefore be made to follow a delayed premature baby vaccines schedulel This schedule may discount the first few days of the child’s life as it is being allowed to develop sufficiently before the vaccine schedule beginsn

In all other cases, premature baby immunization follows the same schedule as it does with normal term babiese This schedule can be discussed with any child care specialists The date of delivery is counted as the starting point for the schedule of what vaccines need to be given to the childl It is possible that premature babies may react more violently to vaccines, especially if their immune system is not yet up to speede However, the difference is usually not great enough to warrant a different immunization schedulel Most doctors prefer to get the vaccination process over and done with to ensure that the child has the best possible chance of fighting against any infection that he or she may be exposed to during the early days of lifef

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