How to Plan a Pregnancy with the help of a Calendar?

Planning a pregnancy is a decision that can change a parent’s life. Pregnancy planning will incorporate a judicious mix of exercise, eating right and healthy lifestyle patterns so that the woman’s health is in an optimum position for her to conceive and thus deliver a healthy child. The preconception check will involve vaccinations for the woman.

The doctor will check for syphilis, HIV and various other conditions. Blood tests and urine tests will be conducted and vaginal swabs taken. The doctor will even recommend a dental visit and an eye check up.


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There are various groups that a couple can join to voice or address any concerns they might have regarding becoming parents and also meet up with various doctors to get advice on the same. Planning for pregnancy involves doing a preconception check up. The woman will need to begin by taking some pre natal vitamins and supplements that will be prescribed by the doctor. These will include calcium supplements, folic acid, and omega 3 possibly.

How to Plan a Pregnancy

The doctor will inform the woman on how to plan a pregnancy, which will include information on eliminating all kinds of hazards from her life like x-rays, chemicals found in paint, sprays, deodorants, and house cleaning agents. When you ask your doctor when planning your pregnancy the doctor will also advice you to stop smoking entirely, stop the intake of alcohol and caffeine and stop all drug usage. The doctor will also discuss birth control usage till the time the woman and her partner are actually ready to conceive.

The doctor will give the couple a talk on the actual birth process and the nine months proceeding and what else there is to expect.

There are various ways in which a woman can tell if she is pregnant with pregnancy test as early as 8 to 10 days past her ovulation cycle. Once she is ready to get pregnant there is a pregnancy planning calendar that is available by which she can track her ovulation day. She can get a free pregnancy planning calculator from her doctor or there is an online pregnancy planning calculator that she can use. The way this pregnancy calendar calculator works is that it helps the woman in tracking her menstrual cycles against the calendar year. For most women, a 28 to a 32 day cycle is the regular menstrual period cycle. Ovulation will normally occur during the 11th to the 21st days of her menstrual cycle.

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