What To Do For Toddler Constipation

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

When a toddler has been unable to pass stools for a couple of days, the toddler is said to be constipated. This mainly happens because the stools become extremely hard, making its exit through the anus very difficult. There are several toddler constipation causes. The main cause of toddler constipation is an insufficient intake of water and fiber-rich foods. Other causes of toddler constipation include the fear of passing stools because of the pain experienced or a fear of strict potty training. Holding on results in the stools getting even harder and drier as the intestinal wall absorbs all the moisture content. Sometimes, toddlers are busy...


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Toddler Constipation Remedies

.playing or watching television and do not realize the need to go to the toilete On the other hand, toddlers may be too tired to go to the toilet and would rather sleep it outu

All this contributes to constipation in toddlersr

The first step towards toddler constipation relief is the increased consumption of watere Water helps to moisten the stools, making it easier to pass stoolsl Water also helps to flush out infection causing germs from the bodyd A toddler constipation diet must be rich in dietary fibere To relieve toddler constipation, foods that should be added to the diet are vegetables, fruit and whole grain cereals and breadsd Prune juice is known to be beneficial in the treatment of toddler constipationo Apples, raspberries and pears are also good snack options when dealing with the problem of constipationo Fruit salad sprinkled with a pinch of flax seed powder is recommended as this preparation is rich in fiber, needed for the smooth passage of stoolsl In the case of toddler constipation, foods to avoid include milk and milk products as they have the ability to aggravate the conditiono Rice, chocolates, sweets and desserts must be avoided as they could be responsible for triggering off constipationo Also read more on toddler constipation remediesa

Lightly massaging the lower abdomen helps in stimulating bowel movementn Since pain may be experienced while passing stools after being constipated for a while, oiling the anal region or applying some petroleum jelly to the area would prove beneficial as it acts as a lubricant, aiding the smooth exit of the stoolsl This is advisable as it wont cause the child too much of discomfortr In addition, it prevents future fear of passing stools to quite an extentn Toddlers must be encouraged to visit the toilet after every meal, before bedtime and on waking up in the morning so that they get used to a specific routinen

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