Toddler Constipation Home Remedies

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

Constipation is a term used for irregular bowel movements characterized by hard stools that become very difficult to pass. This results in abdominal pain and discomfort. It can also result in a general feeling of uneasiness. What makes this condition worse for toddlers is that toddlers cannot express themselves properly. In case of toddlers, the term constipation is generally used when the toddler has not been able to pass stools for two days or more. This is so because a toddler usually passes three stools (in some cases, even more) per day and this number regulates to one or two stools by the time the toddler is four years of age.


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Toddler constipation home remedies begin with an increased intake of water. A lack of water in the body makes stools dry and hard. Hence, drinking plenty of water is beneficial as the water makes the stools softer and easier to push out through the rectum.

Drinking warm water is an added advantage as it stimulates the digestive tract. Warm lemon juice, sweetened with honey is also known to stimulate bowel movement in toddlers. Drinking this concoction on an empty stomach, in the morning is known to be more advantageous. Drinking prune juice and the consumption of bananas are other effective home remedies for toddler constipation. Avoid milk and milk products until the problem is solved as they may aggravate the condition. Giving your toddler a handful of peanuts to munch on also helps in softening the stools. Alternately, peanut butter sandwiches make a good snack. Roughage is essential for the smooth passage of stools. Roughage can be added to the daily diet by increasing your toddler’s intake of fruit and vegetables, these foods being rich sources of dietary fiber. Leafy vegetables are the best source of roughage. Since most kids do not like veggies, using vegetables in fun foods like burgers and pizzas is a good idea. However, avoid any meat as meat may aggravate the condition as it is difficult to digest. Natural remedies for toddler constipation also include sprinkling a pinch of flax seed powder on any food preparations. Flax seed powder acts like a natural laxative and eases bowel movement.

Before making use of any laxative or enema, one could also try applying petroleum jelly to the toddler’s anus. This application not only provides lubrication for the passage of stools but also stimulates the rectum. Consulting a pediatrician is recommended before self-medicating, especially if no change is seen in the toddler’s ability to pass stools.

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