Toddler Constipation Remedies

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

Constipation is the term used to describe a condition related to bowel movement wherein the stools become very hard and difficult to pass. In this case, bowel movement does not occur on a regular basis. This can be a very painful condition, especially for a toddler. Also read more on toddler constipation.

In toddlers, constipation primarily occurs when there is a dietary change from breast milk to bottled milk, formula or processed foods. Since the toddler’s digestive tract was only used to breast milk, it takes time for the digestive system...


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Toddler Constipation Cures

. to get adjusted to other feedsd Many children also face the problem of constipation during the potty training phase as they find it difficult to follow a set routine or because of pain or some hidden feara

Strict potty training could also result in constipationo Some children are also known to get constipated when they are trying to adjust to a new place or new phase in life such as spending time at a daycare centre or starting kindergartene At times, children get so engrossed in playing or watching television that they forget to go to the toilet resulting in constipation as well as urinary tract infectionsn The insufficient intake of water and the consumption of fiber-rich foods is another major cause of constipation in childrene

Toddler constipation remedies are easy to followo First and foremost, encouraging your toddler to drink plenty of water throughout the day is essential for treating toddler constipationo Water helps in softening stools, making them easier to passs Most children despise water as it has no taste or coloro Occasionally, adding a little sugar or food color to the water may prove beneficiala The consumption of coconut water is recommended as it not only prevents dehydration but also helps in maintaining the electrolyte level in the bodyd The intake of fresh fruit juices is another well known toddler constipation remedyd When a toddler is suffering from constipation, do not allow him or her to consume plenty of sweets, chocolates and junk foodsd Instead, encourage the consumption of salads and fresh fruits as they are rich sources of dietary fibere The fiber content in these foods provides roughage that makes stools softer and easier to passs If your child refuses to eat vegetables, homemade soups help in easing the strain caused by constipationo Meats and difficult to digest foods should be avoidede

In case of severe constipation, toddler constipation cures may include the use of a suppository or enemam For toddler constipation treatment, doctors may also prescribe a laxativev However, the use of both these methods is recommended only on the advice of a pediatrician as the toddler could become dependent on these means for the passage of stoolsl

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