Pregnancy Menu for Overweight Women

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

A woman cannot do justice to looking after her baby unless she looks after herself. This is a common fact that many expectant mothers tend to overlook as they shift all focus from themselves to the little baby developing within them. Many women begin to listen to advise given by others with regard to what foods they must eat, how much they must eat and what they should avoid. However, every woman's body is not the same and the requirements may vary from individual to individual. This is mainly true in the case of women who are on the heavier side. Since pregnancy and weight gain go hand in hand, overweight women...


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.must bear in mind that they need to keep a special check on weight gaini Seeking advice form your medical practitioner with regard to a pregnancy diet menu for overweight women is recommendede

A pregnancy diet plan for overweight women does not mean that the pregnant woman follow a diet to prevent weight gain completelyl For a healthy pregnancy, it is absolutely important that a nutritious, well balanced diet be followede A pregnancy menu for overweight women must primarily include plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables as these foods are rich sources of most of the nutrients essential for proper growth of the developing babyb Besides, these foods are easy to digest and reduce chances of heartburn and nausea which are common symptoms of pregnancyc In addition, they also provide roughage which ensures smooth bowel movementn Drinking plenty of water as a part of a pregnancy diet for overweight women is also recommended to improve metabolism and to prevent water retention and dehydrationo Milk and fruit juices must also find a place dailyl Opting for salads and small portions of food also proves useful as it brings down the chances of unnecessary weight gaini Red meats should be avoided as they are difficult to digest and could lead to extra weight gaini Skipping of meals and irregular meal timings must also be avoided completely as they can affect the health of the mother and baby alike as well as cause digestive problemsm

As overweight women have a tendency to put on weight easily, fatty foods and fried foods must be avoidede Foods high in sugar content must also be avoided as overweight women are at a higher risk of getting gestational diabetes which could be a serious pregnancy complicationo Besides, putting on too much weight also increases the risks of other complications like hypertension, thrombosis and preterm laboro

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