List of 7 Month Baby Milestone

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 19, 2012

Your baby will reach several milestones by the time he is 7 months old. Some of these 7 month baby milestones are:-

  • Communication: Your baby might start babbling, or making sounds or gestures or even facial expressions. He might even respond to the sound of his own name. By this stage, babies can distinguish emotions by tone of voice. He might even say words like "Mama" and "Dada"


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  • Being able to bear the weight on his legs when you hold him upright is another important 7 month baby milestone.
  • Starting to wave goodbye
  • Standing while holding onto something or someone
  • Pulling himself up from a sitting position to a standing one.
  • Learning to use his thumb and fingers instead of his whole hand.

    His grip will become better in a few weeks. This is an important 7 month baby milestone as it is the first steps towards acquiring motor skills.
  • Stranger anxiety may be developing as well - your baby might be wary of strangers and may only want to stay with you. He might even start shunning other family members like grandparents or siblings.
  • Teething will also begin at this time. Your baby may also start drooling around this time and chewing on anything he can lay his hands on.
  • Hand eye coordination: This will also improve by the time your baby is 7 months old. Your baby might transfer objects directly to his mouth or from one hand to another.
  • Other baby milestones are walking by holding onto the furniture, sitting up without support and playing some games like peek a boo and patty cake.
  • Testing times: Believe it or not, your 7 month old baby might start testing your authority. This is usually shown by refusing to listen to you. Keep in mind that he is just really curious and not being willful or disobedient.
  • Some babies at 7 months form an attachment to a certain object - either a toy or a blanket or a pillow. This helps them feel more secure when you are not around to comfort them when they are tired or upset or frightened.
  • Motor skills: These are also important baby milestones. By 7 months most babies can roll over on both sides, even while sleeping. Some babies even start to crawl.
  • Some babies start feeding themselves finger food at this stage, though this can happen a few months later as well.
  • Change in eye color: Between 6-7 months, baby's eyes might change color as the color pigment in the eye develops fully when the baby is closer to a year old.

Remember that every baby develops at his/her own pace and that baby milestones are different for each baby.

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