Best Outdoor Games for Preschoolers

HTML Source EditorWord wrap Preschoolers love outdoor games, and when the games also incorporate learning, they serve as fun ways to practice lessons. Preschooler outdoor games that involve playing with a ball are some of the most enjoyable games for many children.

Here are some learning games for preschoolers who love playing with balls.

Preschooler Outdoor Game Ideas

  • For preschoolers that have just learnt the alphabet, alphabet ball is an ideal game.


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  • You can begin by tossing a ball to the child or around a circle of children. Every time a child catches the ball, he has to say a letter of the alphabet. The child who catches it next has to say the next letter of the alphabet and so on. The alphabets may also be sung to the tune of a song that the children like. Whichever child catches the ball at the letter Z gets to recite or sing all the letters. You can even roll the ball among the children of they are unable to throw it properly.
  • A perfect outdoor game for a bigger group of children is In and Out. Here the children hold hands and form a circle. One child remains in the centre of the circle with the ball. The child must attempt to kick the ball outside the circle, while using the feet only. The other children must attempt to stop the ball from going out of the circle.

    When the first child succeeds, another child can stand in the middle, until everyone gets a chance.
  • In name ball, get the children to stand around you in a circle. Throw the ball high into the air and as you do that, call out the name of one of the children. The child whose name you have called is the one who must try and catch the ball before it reaches the ground. Then he gets to stands in the centre and calls out another child's name while throwing the ball into the air.
  • Through the tunnel involves standing with your legs spread. The child must try and roll the ball through the tunnel that you have formed with your legs. If there are more children, have them stand behind you in a line, so that all the tunnels formed with the legs align. Have one child try and roll the ball through all the tunnels.

There are many other outdoor preschooler games that aid in skill development. Introduce your child to a different game each time to keep him learning, while still having fun.

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