Boosting Intellectual Development in Preschoolers

Preschoolers love to touch, taste, and smell, hear, and explore almost every new thing that comes their way. Intellectual development of preschoolers takes place every time they experience new things or explore new places. Preschoolers learn through their play.

They develop language, skills, and also learn to control their inner self.

For the intellectual development of a preschooler, you need to allow them to have both indoor and outdoor games.


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They need to have a perfect balance between active and quiet play. By doing so, they learn to communicate their needs and ideas and also bombard you with many questions.

Preschoolers have a higher capacity for paying attention as compared to adults and hence they perform well in group activities. Preschoolers can sometimes be a pain as they are very curious and tend to question you about almost everything. But do not lose your patience; instead answer them calmly as this helps in the intellectual development of preschoolers.

Preschoolers enjoy serious discussions. So make sure you discuss things with your child whenever you get an opportunity. They even understand basic concepts like numbers, size, distance, time, positions, weights, and so on. So never underestimate your child.

Your child can differentiate between day and night by the time he/she turns two years of age. A two year old manages to bind two words and make short sentences. However, it may not be very clear and the pronunciation may also require clarity.

A four year old can easily weave words into sentences and effectively communicate with the people around him or her. Exposing preschoolers to books is a good idea. Intellectual development in preschoolers is so advanced that they can easily understand the story that is being narrated and also they can attempt to narrate them back. Children of this age group can narrate short stories and also engage in talks with other children and adults. Pronunciation is much clearer.

By the time your child reaches the age of seven, his/her intellectual developments are more complex. They can focus on more than one event and have the capability to appreciate things. They can even differentiate between bad taste and good taste and things that smell good and bad. Children of this age have great powers of observation and possess multiple points of view.

The key here is the timing. So introduce the right objects at the right time to your child and see how intellectual development in preschoolers takes place.

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