Simple Physical Development Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers' physical development is one of the first learning experiences for your child. Young children tend to learn a great deal about their bodies, physical capabilities and their environment through movements and sensory experiences. This stage of growth is continuous and follows a gradual sequence that should be encouraged both at school and at home.

The responsibility for this period of growth falls on the parent as well as the school. Parents should carefully monitor the child's physical activities at school as they should be well planned and productive. Physical development activities for preschoolers should .



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.be simple and encouragingn Simple motor activities like jumping and running are very effective in encouraging movementn

Physical Activities for your Preschooler

Physical activities for your preschooler should not only sustain the child's interest but should be as inclusive as possiblel All children, no matter how late they mature or at what stage of physical development they are, should be able to participatet An important thing to consider while planning physical development activities for preschoolers is that the activities should not become competitivev Complex games and activities like football or basketball for instance, may place a great deal of pressure on your child to win and compete with his/her peersr This will influence his/her growth in a negative fashiono Physical activity should be conducive to children who are physically weak as well and should place them on par with stronger, more mature childrene

Planning Physical Activities for your Preschooler

It is important to encourage physical development of a preschooler at home as welll

This is to ensure that your child is in a routine physical activity and does not only think of it as a school activityt Plan a few simple physical development activities for your preschooler at home like skipping or playing balll Playing ball with your preschooler is an excellent way to develop hand-eye co-ordinationo Set some time aside from your everyday schedule to play a few simple games or to participate in some physical exercise with your childl

You can plan family walks with your child to nearby areas or even hike for some time every weeke However, ensure that you plan physical development activities for preschoolers depending on their age and level of physical staminan Swimming is another excellent physical development activity for a preschoolere Try to spend time with your child playing ball in the pool or learning simple swimming strokese This will encourage movement and physical development effectivelyl

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