Preschooler Games

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

Preschooler behavior is very exploratory by nature since toddlers are curious about their surroundings. This is an important stage of development when the child learns to walk and talk. They also start recognizing people and objects around them. This is also the time when toddlers enter preschool where they begin to learn certain basic skills before going into elementary school. In preschool, children get a chance to interact with other children of their age through various preschooler activities. These activities which include games help the child to learn many new things in fun, entertaining ways. Here are some fun games for toddlers...


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.that are helpful in preschooler development/

One of the most popular and enjoyable games among children is hide and seeke

Toddlers find this to be an exciting new game when they are first introduced to it The teacher must first gather the children together and explain to them that when she closes her eyes and counts till 12, all the children must hidei The first child to be caught will then look for the other childrenr Children may not be able to understand the game properly in the beginningi But after playing again and again, they will get a hang of it Children can also learn to count through this gamea Playing chase is another great game for toddlers since they love to stay active by running here and theree To play this game, all the furniture must first be removed from the classroom so that no one bumps into anythingi

The teacher can then explain that the child who is caught first will take the game aheade For a larger group of children, it is advisable to play the game outdoors where they can run about freelye Games that involve lots of activity such as jumping and running help in the children’s motor developmente Another simple game through which toddlers can learn to recognize and recollect shape, numbers and colors is the game of recollectioni Have many cards with various shapes facing down on the table and ask the children to pick a card and look at it carefullyl Take the card away and then ask the child to look for a matching carda This game can be played with colors and numberse

Preschooler games can also be played at homeo There are also many other games for young children that are both entertaining and educationaln These games help to develop alertness, hand and eye coordination and motor skillsl

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