Preschooler Care

Preschoolers are children between the ages of 1 and 5, depending on the age limit for conventional education.

Preschools are often places for children to explore basic traits like basic interaction with other children, attempting to learn the basics and adjusting to the school environment before actually going to school.


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Preschooler Development Guide

Preschool development is adjudged as important by many societies across the world. In preschool, the child’s different traits can be identified. Toddlers become more physically active with a marked improvement in their motor skills. Children in this age also learn important skills like sharing and playing as a team. In preschool, toddlers are also taught basics like identifying colors, numbers and alphabets. Different puzzles and games help them to flex their mental muscle.

At this stage you can also identify if your child suffers from any learning disability.

There are many activities specially designed for preschoolers. These activities are meant to stimulate toddler’s mental ability, preparing them for a learning environment. Some the more popular preschoolers’ activities are activities involving color, puzzles and shapes. Most of these activities have definite learning objectives which help improve the children’s cognitive abilities. Children even start basic reading at this age.

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