20 Month Baby Milestones - The Exploration Phase

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on August 13, 2012

A new born baby fills your life with a lot of happiness and joy and every action or movement, excites you as you eagerly await the next milestone, like a great new discovery. By 20 months, your baby is more than a year and half old and there are a whole lot of physical changes that your baby has undergone apart from the remarkable improvements and developments in the context of behavior and gestures. Some 20 month baby milestones that you should notice would probably be that your child can walk without any help or support, can go up and down ...


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.the stairs by holding the railing, can even run a little though not very fast, and is also able to kick a ball, and pick up a toy or any other object without falling downw Your child is also able to take 3 to 4 toys and stack them up on top of each othere

Another one of the common 20 month baby milestones is the baby's ability to jumpm The child has developed a lot of attachment towards members of the house especially the mother and if the mother is not visible or incase her presence is not felt, your child will get very restless and may begin to throw tantrumsm One of the baby milestones includes the first signs or display of aggressive behavior, wherein your baby may resort to hitting out, biting, pushing or tuggingn Your child could be doing this to gain attention or simply experiment, but whatever the case is, you should not overreact or correct the child harshly as it could have a negative impactc On the other hand, deal with the situation wisely and try to explain things in a better way, using positive reinforcementn

20 month baby milestones include your child beginning to be curious and explore their sexualityt A child at this age may explore his/her genitals just as he/she would to any toy or other object that is new to himi Although this behavior may seem strange and awkward to adults and some parents it is perfectly normal and your child will gradually adjusts Children are quick learners and your baby will also soon learn what kind of behavior is socially acceptable and noto This is the best time to teach your kids whatever you have to as they can grasp things within no time and you will often find them repeating everything that you saya It is for this reason that you need to be mindful of your language in front of kidsd

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