8 Basic Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

The causes of teen pregnancy are many and the ramifications it has on a teenager’s life stays with her forever. Teenage pregnancy is the term given to an underage or teenage girl (between the ages of 13-19) who becomes pregnant. All teenage pregnancies are the result of sexual activity - whether voluntary or not.

The following reasons play a large role in teen pregnancies:-

  • Absence of sex education: The lack of sex education, whether in schools or by parents or otherwise causes teen pregnancy. Several teenagers have no.


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.idea about birth control and how to handle peers who pressurize them into having sex before they are readyd

  • Lack of parental guidance and supervision: Another major cause is a lack of communication between a girl and her parentst Parents should be forthcoming and open with their children about sexe  Parents sometimes knowingly offer wrong information about sex in an effort to discourage their children from participating in iti
  • Curiosity towards sex: A spontaneous curiosity towards sex is normal in teenagers who desire to experiment with their boyfriends and in turn leads to an unwanted teenage pregnancyc The freedom given to teenagers to interact with boys in seclusion results in this as welll
  • Sexual Abuse: A girl who has suffered sexual abuse at some time in her life is more likely to become a teenage mothere
  • Rape: This is another reason for a teenage pregnancyc
  • Exploitation by older men: A girl who has been made pregnant by an older man has probably been forced into having sexe

    This could occur with a significantly older partner or even a member of the girl’s own familyl
  • Drugs and alcohol: It is not known whether drugs and alcohol directly encourage sexual activity but they could influence a teenager’s actions when they are intoxicated or on drugsg
  • Limited access to birth control: In some states, teenagers are restricted from buying condoms and birth controlo Free or low cost contraceptives are offered by public health clinics, but teenagers shy away from these for fear of exposurer

Teenage Pregnancy Prevention

The best way to prevent teen pregnancy is by education, access to contraception and medical carer Birth control is not fool proof but does reduce the chance of accidental pregnancyc Teenagers that are well educated about birth control are more likely to use it when sexually active thereby eliminating the main cause of teen pregnancyc

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