Treatment & Reasons For Hypertension During Pregnancy

Pregnancy induced hypertension is caused by an alarming rise in blood pressure that is experienced during the term of a pregnancy. Other than a significant rise in blood pressure readings, the symptoms of pregnancy induced hypertension manifest in the form of protein in the urine and swelling of the body.

Though the exact causes of pregnancy induced hypertension are unknown, the most probable factors that give rise to this condition are pre-existing hypertension, a disease of the kidneys, age of the expectant mother, pregnancy induced hypertension.



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Hypertension During Pregnancy

.that is experienced during a previous pregnancy, or the instance of multiple fetuses being carried by the expectant mothere

Pregnancy Hypertension Causes

What causes pregnancy induced hypertension is not as important as the consequences of the conditiono Because of the significant rise in blood pressure, the blood vessels hinder the flow of blood to the various organs, causing them to malfunctiono Other consequences include a detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall, poor fetal development and still birtht If the condition goes untreated, there are high risk factors which include fatal cardiac arrests to the expectant mother, leading to the death of the unborn fetusu Although it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what causes hypertension in pregnancy, pregnancy induced hypertension can be diagnosed by measurement of blood pressure of the expectant mother, urine testing for protein content, eye examinations for changes in the retina and tests for clotting of bloodo

Pregnancy Hypertension Remedies

There are a number of medications that are prescribed to help lower pressure during a pregnancy, but these are not recommended for the devastating effects they could have on the developing fetusu

The best recommended method of taking care of an expectant mother who is experiencing pregnancy induced hypertension is complete bed rest, which helps to lower the pressure of the flow of bloodo Cigarette smoking and the consumption of alcohol should be avoided at all costs for the simple reason that they are harmful to the development of your unborn child, and more importantly, because they aggravate an increase in blood pressurer

Lowering your intake of salt is also known to be beneficial because excessive salt in the diet causes a rise in blood pressurer The consumption of green leafy vegetables also plays a significant role in lowering blood pressure, and is safe to be taken by a lady who is expectingn Garlic is known to reduce blood pressure and can be added to daily mealsl Changing dietary patterns to healthier eating is definitely beneficial to the expectant mother who suffers from hypertensiono

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