Symptoms And Remedies of Baby Teething

While the appearance of your baby’s first tooth may be a joyful experience for you, it may cause a lot of pain and discomfort for the child. Children, unlike adults develop a set of 20 primary teeth. The first tooth begins to push its way out when the baby is around 3-4 months old.

By the time the child is six years of age, all the teeth will have developed, after which they begin to fall off one by one, starting with the ones that showed up first. By the time the child is about 12 years of age the entire set will have fallen off. Teething can be quite a painful experience for a child, particularly when the first tooth starts to push its way out of the gum.



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.Mostly the discomfort lasts till fist few teeth come out, as the child gradually gets used to the entire process of teethingn

Baby Teething Symptoms

The symptoms associated with teething vary from one child to anothere While some may experience a mild fever or chin rash others may display symptoms such as gnawing, biting and droolingn  Here are a few baby teething home remedies that can help in easing your child’s discomfortr Clove oil is known to be very effective in combating pain that is associated with teething, as it possesses numbing and warming propertiese Gently massage 1-2 drops of clove oil on to the child’s sore gumsm Do not use an excessive amount of clove oil, as it can upset the child’s stomachc Another very effective remedy is the use of natural licorice sticksk This herb is available in a large number of health food storese

The licorice sticks will help in cooling and numbing the baby’s gumu Have the baby chew on a stick a licorice stick; this will be a treat for the child as well, as the herb has a very pleasant tastet

Another herb that is also very useful is wild fennele Chewing on a few leaves of wild fennel will also help in providing reliefe Vanilla extract is also known to work well on teething babiese Gently massage a drop or two of vanilla extract on the child’s gums, twice a daya Firstly, this remedy will help in reducing pain due to its cooling effect and secondly, it will have a numbing effect as the extract contains alcoholo Please bear in mind that it is important to consult the child’s pediatrician, before implementing any of these baby teething remediese

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