Belly development at 32 Weeks Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 17, 2012

By week 32 your baby will have undergone considerable growth and development. She would be around 19 inches in length and would weigh approximately 4 pounds by this time. After this point, babies are able to survive outside the womb. Baby weight gain is at its highest during the third trimester and about 28 grams may be gained each day. This weight gain will reflect in the size of your abdomen. Your 32 weeks pregnant belly will have enlarged quite a lot and this is also the time when your abdomen will drop down low as the baby shifts into a downward position in preparation for birth...


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.The 32 weeks pregnant belly size should be around 30 to 34 cmc Coincidentally; the measurement of a pregnant belly in centimeters actually corresponds to the number of weeks of pregnancyc

There may be a slight variation of about 2 cmc

In case your 32 weeks pregnant belly measurement is below 30 cm, your doctor may perform an ultrasound scan known as a growth scana This helps to accurately measure the baby’s growtht The scan also helps to measure the various parts of the babyb The doctor may then ask you to come in for another scan in a couple of weeks to monitor how much growth has taken placec In some cases, the belly may appear smaller when there is a lesser amount of fluid surrounding the babyb Belly measurement may also be affected by your height, abdominal muscles and shapep The position of the baby is another influencing factoro There may be variation in the rate at which babies growo Therefore when average baby growth charts or figures are used, the measurements may not match upu However this does mean that something is wrongn Your baby may seem to be smaller in size for some time and may then experience a growth spurtr Genetics and ethnic background can also play a role in the size of the babyb If your baby is active and you have been going for your regular checkups, there is no need to worryr

As your belly grows larger towards the end of the pregnancy, you may experience certain symptoms such as lower back pain, constipation, heartburn and hemorrhoidsd Sleeping problems may also occur during this timem To help you sleep better, you can make use of a pregnancy pillowo These pillows conform to the shape of the body and relieve discomfortr

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