Types of Discharge After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 19, 2012

During a pregnancy, there are a large number of discomforts that an expectant mother tends to miss out on. The occurrence of her period along with the regular vaginal discharge, are stopped, by course of nature, during the time of her pregnancy. After the delivery, the mother experiences a certain amount of vaginal bleeding that can cause her much distress and discomfort. Discharge after pregnancy can make her feel rather uncomfortable because she has gone so used to the feeling of no discharge being present. However, the occurrence of the discharge is important because it helps to lubricate the inner lining of the vagina...


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.while also helping with healing the vaginal passage that has undergone much trauma through the deliveryr

The kind of discharge present tells a lot about the probable infections that a new mother is suffering fromo

A yellow discharge after pregnancy is indicative of a yeast infection that is being experienced by the new mothere Healthy vaginal discharge after pregnancy is usually clear and has no odoro A yellow discharge is often accompanied by either itching or burning sensationsn Similarly, a brown discharge after pregnancy is indicative of wounds that have not yet healed in the vaginal passageg Mucus discharge after pregnancy is indicative of a urinary infection that is presentn In the event that a mother does suspect the possibility of a urinary infection, it is important that she get herself treated for the samem A white discharge after pregnancy that is odorless need not indicate that you are absolutely healthyh There may be some minor form of infection that is being taken care of by the body itselfl A green discharge after pregnancy is indicative of a more serious urinary infection and needs immediate attentiono Discharge with a green discoloration will be accompanied by a burning or itching sensation that will cause you much discomfort and distresss

Treating urinary infections just after a pregnancy is not an easy tasks Urinary infections after the pregnancy are expected and it is advisable that you eat healthy foods that will further boost your immune systeme Drinking plenty of water will help to flush out any infection that may be prevalent in the urinary tractc Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a large number of vitamins and nutrients that help to overcome minor infections and ailmentst If the odor becomes unbearable, it is advisable that you seek further medical advicec

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