How is the Belly during 40th Week of Pregnancy?

Submitted by Nic on August 10, 2012

At 40 weeks of pregnancy delivery is just around the corner. The baby at 40 weeks weighs around 6 to 7 pounds and is around 45 centimeters long. During this stage the mother may be anxious and impatient. Yet, it is important for her to relax and talk to her soon to be born baby. The baby is fully developed now except that the skull bones are yet to be fused together. This actually helps the baby come out easily, because the skull bones can overlap during labor.


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A 40 weeks pregnant belly is a belly waiting to be relieved. The uterus is smaller now since the baby’s head is most likely in the pelvis. The mother to be can also feel her baby’s movements more distinctly.

The belly is now heavy and can cause pain and discomfort to the expectant mom. Due to the fact that the baby exerts pressure on the groin, the mother may experience the constant urge to urinate. The woman’s cervix will also be examined for dilation and thinning. If however, she does not go into labor by the 40th week of pregnancy, then the doctor may have to induce labor in the mother. Post-term pregnancies are common. However, if the doctor deems that a prolonged pregnancy is harmful for the mother and child, he may decide to induce labor.

A 40 weeks pregnant itchy belly is also not unheard of. Itching during the last few weeks of pregnancy takes place because the skin over the stomach is stretched to its full capacity. This can give an itching sensation. Dry skin and rashes can also cause itchiness. If the itching is severe and does not subside you must contact a doctor immediately since it may be symptom of obstetric choletasis which is a problem related to the liver, wherein a buildup of bile acids in the bloodstream could complicate the pregnancy. This might be a cause for concern; however, mild itching is not a cause of concern.

During the last stage of pregnancy when the mother is waiting for her baby to arrive, she could wear a tummy belt that helps soothing the pain from cramps and reduces swelling. A 40 weeks pregnant hard belly may be a sign that the baby is about to arrive. This hardening of the belly is usually not very painful. It is during a contraction that the belly gets the hardest, so much so that during a strong contraction, the belly can get as hard as your forehead. Therefore, a woman 40 weeks pregnant and a hard belly go hand in hand. At this stage, the woman should be relaxed, breathe deeply and be given adequate tender loving care by her close ones.

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