Ultrasound and Belly Button Pain during 23 Weeks of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on August 16, 2012

Having completed the stage of being 23 weeks pregnant, the belly size of an expectant mother is bound to attract a lot of attention. It is up to you, the expectant mother, to filter this attention and dwell only on the positive attention that you receive from your family and friends. This is sure to help you  get through the tough stage of dealing with a growing belly. A 23 weeks pregnant belly will show a definite bulge, and there are chances that you will be able to feel the baby kicking inside your womb. Every stage of the pregnancy is a ...


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...vulnerable stage and there are numerous things that could go wrong at any point of time in the pregnancy. Although the first three months are considered the most vulnerable stage, it is important that the expectant mother be extremely careful right through the three trimesters of her pregnancy.

When you are 23 weeks pregnant, belly button pain is indicative of probable complications within the pregnancy itself. Though often mistaken to be gas, caused by the changes in eating habits, it could be indicative of the occurrence of an umbilical hernia. Due to the stretching of the abdomen, to allow space for the growth of the child, a weak umbilical section in the mother’s body may rupture and cause an umbilical hernia. It will then be left to your doctor to decide whether the hernia could be dangerous for your health and there may be need to terminate the pregnancy, for fear of loss of life of the expectant mother. Being 23 weeks pregnant, belly growth will take place rapidly. At this stage, the limbs of the baby are completely formed and the internal organs of the child’s body are undergoing development. Distinct movements may be felt through the mother’s stomach and you may even notice that the child inside the womb responds to certain stimuli from outside.

Your 23 weeks pregnant belly measurement will depend on the rate of your baby’s growth, and the nourishment you have provided through the foods that you have consumed. Eating home cooked, well balanced meals will provide your baby with the best source of nourishment and ensure steady and healthy growth. The amount of exercise you do everyday will also play an important part in the well being of your baby. There is no need for complete physical exertion to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy, but a little daily walking should do the trick.

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