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Submitted by Nick on January 31, 2012

While pregnant, it is but natural for a mother-to-be to ensure that she takes all the steps necessary for an uneventful pregnancy followed by the birth of a healthy baby. For this purpose, most women focus on diet, a workout schedule as well as opt for a non-strenuous daily routine. A daily pregnancy diet menu must have a good blend of a variety of nutrients needed for the proper development of the little baby growing within the womb. Since most women tend to lose appetite and feel nauseous during pregnancy, it is essential that the foods you choose be light and easy to digest.


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In addition, consuming foods that you like as well as a change in menu on a regular basis also makes mealtime more interesting and the food more appetizing. Breakfast, being the first meal of the day, should never be missed. Porridge, bagels, cornflakes and sandwiches are good options for breakfast as they are easy to digest.

Fruit juices are also a good way of kick starting the day. Caffeine must be avoided as its intake is known to affect the development of the child and increases the risk of miscarriage. Instead of heavy meals, six to seven light meals throughout the day are a good way of ensuring that your baby gets the required nutrition without causing you any discomfort by way of indigestion. Fruit makes a wonderful, healthy snack. More on pregnancy menu plan

A pregnancy lunch menu can have a variety of salads and pastas which are nutritious and easy to digest. Lasagna is another option. Small portions of rice preparations and fish or white meat are also good pregnancy lunch ideas. Avoid consuming rare meats as they may result in illness. Boiled sprouts sprinkled with a little pepper and lemon juice makes a great pregnancy lunch option as the sprouts are rich in nutritional value and the lemon juice helps to boost the immune system. Chicken and egg sandwiches are also a great lunch alternative as they are high in protein content. Red meats, fatty foods and spicy foods must be avoided as they tend to cause digestive problems. Overeating must be avoided as the chances of indigestion and irregular bowel movement increase manifold during pregnancy. Get information on pregnancy diet checklist

Keeping in mind a healthy lifestyle, harmful practices such as alcohol consumption, smoking and the use of drugs must be avoided completely for the well being of the unborn baby. Similarly, self medication and unnecessary supplementation must also be refrained from. 

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