Contractions During Week 37 Of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Giving birth to a child is usually one of the highlights of most woman’s lifetimes and although the extensive 9 month period that the entire cycle takes can be very painful as well as uncomfortable, what with the hundreds of physical and chemical changes that occur within the body, holding the newborn baby in your arms for the first time could change your world around. Despite the fact that the body is likely to do most of the work naturally when it comes to creating an internal environment to aid a healthy pregnancy, it helps to ensure that you do as much as possible to move things along in the right direction.


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For instance, eating the right kinds of foods will go a long way into ensuring that understanding the various developments in your body through each stage of the pregnancy will also help make sure that you know what is going on internally to some level. The third trimester is usually a time when most mothers tend to get nervous because they are so close to the delivery date. During the 37th week of the pregnancy, the contractions are likely to get a little more intense and there is a high likelihood that the child will engage around this time.

Engaging would mean that the baby’s head will drop down into the birth canal  with the delivery to be expected within a few weeks. See also 37 weeks pregnant what to expect

The fetal development around the 37th week include the baby starting to develop fat at a very high rate of almost half an ounce a day. The skin starts to mature and get pink as well as tighter – losing all the wrinkles that it would have had when the baby’s body as still thin. There is always a chance that you might actually give birth to the baby within this week. In the event this happens, there is nothing really to be worried about because the baby is considered to be mature and any medical intervention is not usually necessary. Within the womb, this is also the week during which the baby will also start to practice breathing movements. The 37 week pregnant cramping that takes place is also likely to see the mucus plug from your body discharge and it helps to consult a physician or doctor and inform him or her of any new changes to your body just to make sure that everything is running on track.

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