Identifying the Signs and Preparing for Labor in Pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant, the only thing that you may be thinking of most of the time is your baby and the delivery process. The mere thought of labor may spook you. Do you have questions in your mind about how will you know when you go into labor, how much time you will need to deliver the baby once you are in labor and so on?

Pregnancy Labor can definitely be the most interesting and scary topic at the same time. On the one hand, you may find the excitement.



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True Vs False Labor

.of holding your baby for the first time priceless, but on the other hand, the possible complications associated with labor can scare the hell out of youo To make things easier for you, here are few signs that you need to look out for, and to expect in order to recognize labor in pregnancyc

Labor Preparation in Pregnancy

Before you approach your due date, it is essential to be prepared for the big daya It is a good idea to know how it feels when you are in labor and what you are supposed to do to ensure a smooth deliveryr You can also take a quick tour of the maternity facilities provided by the hospital where you plan to delivery your babyb

Besides this, you can also attend birthing classes to help you learn the breathing techniques that you should be followed during the delivery processs

Talking to friends or relatives who have recently delivered is a good idea to share experiencese

Identify True Labor During Pregnancy

It is natural to get confused between true and false labor as the symptoms are more or less the samem Your body has a tendency to prepare itself for the true labor; therefore, it shows false labor signals like temporary contractionsn In true labor these, contractions increase with passing time, and in false labor, the contractions vanish in matter of a few minutese So, the next time you get contractions, wait and watch for at least 30 minutese If they vanish, then it was false labor or Braxton Hicks as it is more commonly knownw

Back Pain: Back pain is a common companion in pregnancyc

However, if your lower back pain is severe in intensity and accompanied by contractions, then you need to know that you are going into laboro Expect some cramps or premenstrual pain along with back pain and contractionsn

Water Breaking:'Oh no, my water broke', the actress cries out, in moviese This statements means that labor is beginningn Unfortunately, things are not as simple in real life as it is in 'reel' lifef It is not necessary that your water has to break for you to go into laboro

If you feel a gush of water or a tiny trickle, then you can be assured that you are going into laboro Once this happens, you will experience a higher intensity of contractionsn

Vaginal bleeding: Vaginal bleeding can also happen when you are in laboro A plug blocks the cervix of the uterus or the mouth of the uterus in order to protect the baby from catching an infectiono Once the plug is gone, your baby can move into the birth canal and labor can happen anytimem

Cervix Dilation: When you go into labor, your cervix becomes thinner and softer, and begins to dilate to accommodate your babyb

Look out for the signs above before jumping to a conclusion that you are in laboro

Labor In Pregnancy Overview
Pregnancy Labor
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