Pregnancy Advice for The Third Trimester

Submitted by Nick on February 1, 2012

The third trimester is often considered to be the last lap in your pregnancy. Very soon you will have you baby in your arms and will embark on an entirely new journey. By this time in your pregnancy you would have come through the toughest part of the pregnancy stages. By the third trimester the common pregnancy advice that is given to most women is to continue to eat a healthy pregnancy diet of a lot of green vegetables and fruits, get enough exercise and rest simultaneously. At this point you might get a little fed up of waiting and putting on more weight might become a cause of worry for you.


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Gaining weight at this point of time is because your baby inside you is also growing in size and weight. That would be one of the major reasons of your tiredness, given the physical strain of carrying yourself and the weight of your baby. As you near your delivery your hips will begin to expand and your muscles will stretch and might cause some aches and pain in your legs and lower back.

Dehydration is a big risk at this time therefore makes sure you drink lots of water and stick to a fibre rich diet to avoid constipation. At the same time inside you, your baby is growing rapidly and preparing to be born. By this time your baby is filling out he is growing in size and adding weight and fat on to his body. By now your baby should be around 17 inches and weigh around 4 pounds. At this stage of fetal development your baby begins accumulating fat his skin will start taking its final shape, all his organs have been formed and are now functional. Your  baby might be very active at this stage and on his own may move lower down in your belly and  starts to enter the birth canal as he prepares to be born.

As he grows and becomes bigger the womb becomes a smaller place for him and you might feel him pushing and shoving inside you. At this time the best pregnancy advice is that you should relax and prepare for the delivery. As your pregnancy progresses make sure that your doctor is always in the know how of things so that he will be able to give you the required advice during pregnancy. Expert advice pregnancy in the third trimester to be a time for the parents and the unborn baby prepare to meet the other soon.

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