Tips for Feeding Your Baby At 5 Months

Submitted by Pregnancy and Baby Care team on January 16, 2012

Nourishment is extremely important throughout the life of an individual. Nourishment of the mother during pregnancy and of the young child in early life is even more important. Studies have shown that there is improved mental and physical development among children who eat healthy food over children who eat unhealthy food. Baby feeding at 5 months is similar to the first four months as most changes take place only after the first six months or so.

When a baby is born, the mother's body naturally begins producing milk.


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This process allows the mother to provide nutrition to the new born baby in the form of breast milk. For the first few weeks of the child's life, breast milk is ideal for the child. Breast milk, particularly from a healthy mother is a healthy and nutritious source of nourishment for the child.

It also has the advantage of being readily available as long as the child is with the mother.

As the baby grows older, the pattern of baby feeding must change. Baby feeding at each of the first few months of the child's life is different based on the requirements of the growing baby. It is also easy to develop a child's eating habits at a young age as this will ensure that the child will be less resistant to such food later in life. Baby feeding at 5 months is an exciting time in the life of the parent. This is because some solid food and some vegetables can be introduced. Introducing new foods to the baby leads to an increase in different types of nutrition and helps in the development of the digestive system.

There are a few tips to follow when baby feeding at 5 months. Babies have a natural instinct to cry when they want to be fed. This should be a sign to feed the baby.

Babies will also lean towards a spoon when they want to eat and lean away when they do not want to eat. These signs should be noted by the person feeding the baby. When introducing new foods like vegetables, it is important to introduce them gradually and one at a time. One must always remember that one is feeding a baby and the quantity of food that a baby can handle is far less than an adult, it's even less than a young child can handle. As each new vegetable is added to the diet, its effect should be noted. If the child develops diarrhea or vomiting, the vegetable concerned should be eliminated from the diet.

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