What are the Causes & Remedies For Toddler Mouth Blisters

Blisters in the mouth are a very common ailment and persons of all age groups can get affected by this. These blisters usually appear on the inside of the cheeks, lips, gums and non moveable portion of the upper jaw.

Mouth blisters cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

Causes of Mouth Blisters in Toddlers

In babies and toddlers, mouth blisters may be caused by any of the following reasons:


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  • Injury in the mouth, caused by burns is one of the prime causes of mouth blisters in toddlers. Buns can be caused by consuming hot food or liquids.
  • Mouth blisters can also be the result of a sort of allergic reaction, which causes the body’s immune system to respond aggressively to certain harmless substances.
  • Hand foot and mouth disease which usually strikes the toddlers also causes mouth blisters in toddlers.
  • Oral herpes or herpes simplex virus attack can cause small red color blisters on your toddler’s tongue which become very painful.
  • A fungal or bacterial infection can also cause appearance of blisters in your toddler’s mouth. Kids like to eat a lot of sweet things. If oral hygiene is not maintained properly, it can cause an overgrowth of yeast in the mouth and result in the formation of these blisters.
  • Mouth blisters in toddlers may be caused by malnutrition. Deficiency of Vitamin B Complex or folic acid can be another reason for it.

Remedies for Blisters in Toddlers

Though you must consult your doctor, you can try the following home remedies in the meantime.

  • Regularly give your child cold milk, water and diluted juice in order to soothe the sores caused by blisters.
  • Avoid using feeding bottles; use a spoon instead while feeding the fluid diet. Sucking the nipple of the bottle can be very uncomfortable when there are blisters in the mouth.
  • Give your toddler slightly cooled crushed ripe papaya pulp to eat. It will soothe the blisters in your toddler’s mouth and has healing properties.
  • As a home remedy, apply a little tea tree oil on the affected area in the mouth. Tea tree oil is an excellent antimicrobial that has the ability to work on bacteria, fungi and viruses equally well. Applying this oil three times a day will ensure that the infection does not spread and that the population of microbes is reduced so that the body can fight the infection easily.

If you find blisters on your toddler’s tongue and feel that it’s not because of any injury, take him to your pediatrician and strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

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