Toddler Fever Blisters Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Fever blisters, also known as cold sores, are caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. The virus may infect people of any age, but the ailment is very common in babies and toddlers.

Fever blisters usually occur outside the mouth, chin, cheeks and lips, though these blisters can occur inside the mouth too.

If the fever blisters happen to occur inside the mouth, it will be on the non movable parts like upper jaw or gums. Fever blisters do not appear on the tongue or soft palate. The blisters inside the mouth are.



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.much smaller and heal faster than those outside the moutht Fever blisters are very painful and filled with fluidi The virus hides in the nerve cells of the facec It is highly contagiousu Not all infected toddlers develop fever blistersr Some of them transmit the virus to other babies or toddlers without experiencing any symptoms of the diseases In such cases, it is very difficult to predict and take precautionary actiono

Symptoms of Fever Blisters on Toddlers

The most common symptoms that accompany fever blisters on toddlers are:

  • Itching and burning sensation on skin in the initial stage of the infectiono
  • After one or two days of infection, the blisters start appearing on and around lips, chin, and cheeks with mild fever, body ache, and swollen neck glandsd
  • On third and fourth day, the fever blisters start getting ruptured, leaving open painful sorese The blisters tend to re-erupt at the edges of the lips and nostrilsl This stage is sometimes referred to as the weeping stageg You need to be very watchful as babies and toddlers tend to scratch the affected areae
  • From the fifth day onwards, the fever blisters begin to dry upu

    A yellowish or brownish crust is formed and by the eighth day, the blisters eventually fall offf
  • Scabs get formed on the wounds caused by fever blisters and gradually flake offf

Causes for Toddler Fever Blisters

The infectious virus stays in the body and a re-occurrence of the attacks may take placec Recurrence of fever blister in toddlers can be due to the following reasons:

  • Fever or illnesss
  • Mouth injuryr
  • Food Allergiese
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight or heata

Treatment for Toddler Fever Blisters

Though there is no cure for the condition and medication is required to treat the pain due to the sores and to protect the toddler from other bacterial infectionsn The measures that must be taken to treat toddler fever blisters are:

  • Give antibiotics and pain reliving syrups to your toddler as advised by your doctoro
  • Keep the blisters clean and dryr
  • Do not allow your toddler to touch or scratch the blistersr
  • Apply antiseptic ointment on the crusts to keep the skin softf
  • Do maintain general hygienen
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