Experience with capping a toddlers tooth?

(March 3, 2010)

One of the most painful experiences for any toddler is the breaking of a tooth. In many cases, this takes place around the time that the child is about three months old to two years of age. Given the fact that oral pain can be significantly more intense combined with the fact that children tend to be more sensitive to pain means that they are going to have a harder time handling the experience than any adult. Capping is a dental treatment that helps with a number of oral problems. Tooth decay, for example, is extremely common and could be caused by a number of factors. It causes an increase in the likelihood of infection, generates an odor from the mouth and can be rather unsightly. Before choosing to have your toddlers tooth capped, it is important to understand the situations that the procedure will help resolve. Some of these conditions or habits include constant grinding of the teeth, excessive cracking and breaking of the teeth as well as any conditions that cause a gradual but noticeable breakdown of the teeth. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that you child’s chewing pattern will also play a significant role in whether his or her teeth should be capped. The capping over the top of the tooth essentially reduces the amount of stress on the tooth and provides an additional layer of protection to avoid the erosion of the enamel.

Since children have a tendency to fall and have small accidents on a consistent basis, it places them at a higher risk of tooth damage as a result of trauma. A resulting cracked tooth is easy to want to cover up cosmetically so as to avoid any significant impact on the aesthetics of the child. However, as long as the core part of the tooth is not damaged and the root is not exposed, there are no medical requirements for tooth caps to be placed on the teeth. More so, because of the fact that the teeth are still temporary and are going to fall out a few years later to give way to the child’s permanent teeth. A few simple oral habits will g a long way into preventing tooth decay, if that is the reason for tooth capping. Regular dentist check up will also help prevent the requirement of tooth caps for your toddler.

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