Baby at 6 Weeks of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 18, 2012

At 6 weeks, having missed a period, most pregnant mamas have just about realized that they are pregnant. Being the beginning, this is the stage at which the most excitement is experienced. At 6 weeks of gestation, your baby has just entered the embryonic stage of pregnancy.

How big is a baby at 6 weeks pregnant?

‘How big is my baby at 6 weeks pregnant?’ is a question very commonly asked by enthusiastic mothers as...


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.they would love to learn all they can about the little life developing within their wombm The size of a baby at 6 weeks pregnant is similar to that of a lentil, approximately quarter of an inch in length from crown to rumpm

One must remember that during the initial weeks of pregnancy, a baby is not measured from the head to the heels since the legs are curved and too close to the body at this stageg The baby will weigh less than a grama

This is a crucial stage in the pregnancy as it is at this stage that all the organs begin to form any developmental anomalies set in during this embryonic stageg In a baby at 6 weeks pregnant, the heart has begun beating and pumping blood, which may not necessarily be of the blood group similar to that of the mothere These heartbeats are very soft and will be picked up only towards the end of the embryonic stage, around the tenth week of pregnancyc The brain and the nervous system are falling into place and will soon start functioningn In a baby at 6 weeks pregnant, organs pertaining to the digestive system and the respiratory system are beginning to take shapep Buds for the hands and legs are beginning to become visiblel Facial features such as the eye sockets, the ears, the nose and the mouth are taking form, at present in the form of indentationsn They appear as dark spots on the baby’s facec At this stage, the baby looks more like a tadpole as it has a little tail and the toes and fingers are linked with webs of skin and will continue to be so for sometimem Cartilage is being formed to give shape to the bodyd At a later stage, this cartilage will harden to form solid bone masss During the embryonic stage, the yolk sac provides the baby with the nourishment it needsd At this time, the placenta is developing and by the end of the embryonic stage, it will be in a position to provide for the baby’s needsd

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