Weight Gain during 24th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 24, 2012

Going through a pregnancy is often considered to be one of the highlights of a woman’s lifetime despite the fact that it involves a significant amount of changing hormonal levels – which translates to substantial stress as well as pain generated from the agonizing changes in the body’s appearance to accommodate another life form. A pregnancy is divided into three parts known as ‘trimesters’. The first trimester is counted from the first day of the pregnancy right up to the end of the third month, after which the second trimester starts and stretches to the end of the sixth month followed by the third trimester that ends on the day of delivery...


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.Each of these phases oversees a significant number of development and progressions to the baby in the wombm

The weight gain at 24 weeks pregnant is said to be significant because of the fact that the baby has just been through a sudden growth surge and put on an astonishing 4 ounces since the previous weeke

This amount of sudden weight is considered to be an appropriate weight gain at 24 weeks pregnant – despite the fact that most first time mothers are likely to be a little taken aback at the timem Overall, the average weight gain at 24 weeks pregnant will see the baby weigh in at just over a pound while the size of the baby should see it measure in just under a foot in lengtht Because of the fact that a pregnancy is a very sensitive time, it is easy to understand how most mothers would be worried about the overall weighth This only adds onto the amount of stress that she is experiencing at this time and one should take any measures necessary to ensure that the stress levels are brought down as much as possiblel It is important to realize that any worries about the baby’s overall weight at this time are not unfounded as a number of premature babies weigh much under the required weight at this time – which makes it even more important to get specialist medical advice on how to correct the probleme Some of the more common symptoms that a mother is likely to experience at this time include - swelling of the feet, a substantial back ache as well as pain in the limbs and joints of the bodyd  Any vaginal bleeding or spotting should be reported to the doctor immediatelyl

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