32 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

Submitted by Nic on January 24, 2012

Despite the fact that a pregnancy is usually one of the highlights of a woman’s lifetime, the nine months that precede the actual delivery can be significantly traumatic and painful, not to mention the substantial stress that the mother is likely to experience as a result of the worry about whether the pregnancy is progressing at a normal rate. In this situation, knowledge of the stages of progression of the pregnancy will play a huge role in ensuring the mother understands that certain stages of the development take longer than others. When a mother is 32 weeks pregnant...


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.with twins, most of the stress comes from the fact that she is so close to the date of deliveryr Anxiety peaks as a natural course of dealing with the pregnancy at this time and some of the 32 weeks pregnant with twins symptoms that you might want to look out for include back stiffness as well as swelling of the anklese

A lot of mothers going through their first pregnancy will be anxious about being 32 weeks pregnant with twins and what to expectc However, this is very naturala As mentioned earlier, it is important to read up or consult your local doctor to gather more information and ease any fears or answer any questions that you might havev

Being 32 weeks pregnant with twins, weight gain will be about double of what it would be if you were you expecting a single babyb Each baby will weigh in at about 11 ounces and measure about 1518 inchese Some babies that are born prematurely may weigh less than 150 gramsm Being 32 weeks pregnant with twins, your belly is going to be much larger than if you were expecting just a single childl Both children should, at this point, be in position for delivery when it eventually does take placec This means that they should ideally be face downw In the event that both or one of them are not in this position, the presiding doctor may choose to turn them manuallyl At this time, your Braxton Hicks contractions are likely to become increasingly painful, but with the advancement of science over the years, one now has a number of choices when it comes to dealing with the paini Some of these options include the Lamaze treatment option as well as water therapy amongst a number of other methodsd Because you are so close to the date of delivery, it is highly recommended that you make purchases for the immediate care of the babyb

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