Ultrasound during 22 Weeks Pregnancy with Twins

Submitted by Nic on August 13, 2012

Although being pregnant with twins can be a great joy, there are a number of things that women expecting twins need to be careful about. By the time you are 22 weeks pregnant with twins your growing stomach may cause you a certain amount of embarrassment, as is the case with all pregnant women. However, it is most important for you to remember that you are about to give life to two living beings, and you should be proud of this fact. When you are 22 weeks pregnant with twins, you need to be careful about any sort of physical exertion ...


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.because you now carry two babies instead of onen As they grow, they tend to take up more space and will continue to change positions so as to give one another enough room to growo

Being 22 weeks pregnant with twins, what to expect can never be decipherede Each woman’s experience with pregnancy, especially when it involves twins, is bound to differe The most common expectation is quick weight gain because of the growing twins within the womb, and the discomfort that may be experienced during the later stages of the pregnancyc Now that you have reached the stage of being 22 weeks pregnant with twins, symptoms of your pregnancy at first will seem absolutely the same as being pregnant with one babyb You would have experienced bouts of morning sickness and the like, but would only be sure about your having conceived twins after having undergone an ultrasoundn Being 22 weeks pregnant with twins, fetal development of both fetuses will be approximately the samem By this time, the limbs are properly formed and the finer developments of the internal organs will be set in motiono

When you are 22 weeks pregnant with twins, weight gain is not something that you can avoid, it is inevitablel Weight gain, however, should be in tandem with the stage of your pregnancy, and you should be able to gauge if you are either gaining or losing weight at an unexpected ratet Some expectant mothers tend to go on crash diets for fear of being unable to shed weight latere Diets during a pregnancy are not recommended at all because they will deprive the developing baby of important nutrients that are made available through the food consumed by the mothere Weight gain, however, can be controlled by a little daily light exercise, such as walking, which is healthy for both, the mother and her unborn babyb

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