What to Expect during the 19th Week of Pregnancy with Twins?

Submitted by Nic on August 13, 2012

Being pregnant with twins can bring you more joy than you could ever imagine. Knowing that you have two living beings that are being nurtured in your womb gives you inexplicable joy. As with all pregnancies, however, expectant mothers have to mentally prepare themselves for the physical and emotional changes that they will soon undergo. When you are 19 weeks pregnant with twins, your belly is going to be much larger than if you were expecting just one child. Your body needs to make room for both your babies and will therefore grow larger in size.


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Being 19 weeks pregnant with twins, what to expect may be completely different from when you are expecting a single child. Your needs may also be absolutely different because of the fact that you are carrying two babies within your womb. You need to be a little extra careful about what you do when you are carrying twins, because the uterus is going to be stretched to its maximum capacity, to allow for growing space for both babies.

When a woman is 19 weeks pregnant with twins, her weight gain should be monitored frequently to ensure that she is gaining the correct amount of weight. Erratic gain or loss of weight could be indicative of a more serious problem and needs to be monitored carefully.

From the moment that you conceive, you are always impatient to see what your baby looks like. After having undergone a 19 weeks pregnant with twins ultrasound, you will have a clearer picture of what kinds of development your babies have made. Not only does the ultrasound give you a fair idea of the physical development of your babies, but it will also provide you with the approximate length and weight of both your babies. Through your ultrasound, you will notice that at 19 weeks pregnant with twins, the fetal development of both babies would be at the same level. If your radiologist notices that one baby is developing at a faster rate than the other, intensive tests may be carried out to find out the cause of the same. When you are expecting twins, your body is bound to grow larger in size. You may also feel the need to consume more food, and you must ensure that your developing children are given the nourishment they require to develop. Restricting your diet is not beneficial to you or the developing babies, but at the same time you must be careful not to put on drastic amounts of weight.

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