Spotting at 10th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 16, 2012

Pregnancy is a crucial period as it revolves around the development and birth of a child. During this period, a woman has to be very careful about her general way of living in order to ensure the safety of her baby. However, at times, in spite of utmost care, problems may occur in the course of the pregnancy. At such times, it is but natural for an expectant mother to get worked up.

However, you must keep in mind that stress can aggravate the condition and staying calm and consulting the doctor is the best remedy at such times...


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.One of the most alarming pregnancy complications is spotting at 10 weeks pregnantn Pregnant women wonder – ‘Is spotting at 10 weeks pregnant normala

’ The answer is ‘no’o Since the most noticeable pregnancy symptom is a cessation of the menstrual period for the entire term of the pregnancy, any form of vaginal bleeding during this period is a sign of a complication and this can prove to be a very trying experience for any pregnant womana No form of bleeding, no matter how minor should be ignored as it can lead to serious pregnancy complicationsn

Pink spotting at 10 weeks pregnant could be caused by ruptured blood vessels in the cervixi This is generally not a matter of grave concern as it is the result of the increasing weight of the uterus exerting pressure on the cervical blood vesselsl A problem with the placing of the placenta could be responsible for brown spotting at 10 weeks pregnantn On a more serious note, red spotting at 10 weeks pregnant could be indicative of threatened miscarriageg In such cases, taking rest and staying calm is the first step in trying to save the pregnancyc If mild bleeding is reported to the doctor in time, there is a good chance of saving the pregnancy, if the baby is alrighth In most cases, a miscarriage mainly occurs when there is a genetic abnormality with the developing babyb Nature takes action and tries to terminate the pregnancy on its own, as early as possible in the pregnancyc Other reasons of miscarriage include unfavorable uterine conditions, stress and maternal illnesss As a result of such reasons, the cervix opens up with the onset of pregnancy losss Heavy bleeding accompanied with the passage of heavy clots and abdominal cramping during pregnancy would be indicative of a miscarriage in progresss

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