What causes spotting during pregnancy?

(May 3, 2011)

Studies indicate that vaginal spotting and bleeding affect almost 20% to 30% of all pregnancies. Spotting or bleeding during any time of pregnancy could evoke concern and worry in the woman who is expecting, as well as her medical health care provider. This is why any instance of spotting and bleeding should be checked and investigated without any delay. Some cases of spotting can be controlled, with the proper treatment. However, in order to do so, it is important to know the possible what the spotting during pregnancy causes could be. The spotting during pregnancy reasons could vary from person to person and may also differ from one trimester to the other. Given below are some of the most common spotting during pregnancy causes:

What causes spotting during pregnancy first trimester?

The chances of a miscarriage are much higher during the first trimester, which is why this is one of the most crucial stages of pregnancy. Some of the common spotting during pregnancy causes in the first trimester include:

• Implantation bleeding, during which the fertilized egg gets attached to the lining of the uterus.
• Risks of a miscarriage because of dehydration, urinary tract infections, the use of certain medication, physical trauma, abnormal fetus, emotional stress and strenuous physical activity
• Incomplete or complete miscarriage, during which the flow of blood is much heavier.
• Blighted ovum, in which the embryo does not develop in the location that it is meant to.
• An ectopic pregnancy, where the fertilized egg usually gets implanted into the fallopian tubes.
• A molar pregnancy

What causes spotting during pregnancy second trimester?

The risks of a miscarriage are much lower during the second trimester, as compared to the first and third. However, there are several women who do experience spotting during the second trimester of pregnancy. Given below are some of the common causes of spotting during the second trimester:

• Strenuous activities, especially engaging in sexual intercourse
• Vaginal infections, injuries or tears

What causes spotting during pregnancy third trimester?

The chances of spotting during the third trimester are a bit higher, as compared to the second. Moreover, some of the spotting during pregnancy reasons could be a major cause for concern, such as:

• Placenta previa
• Placental abruption
• Polyps
• Uterine rupture
• Varicose veins

There could be other spotting during pregnancy reasons that are not very common. It is therefore best to consult a medical health expert for more information on what causes spotting during pregnancy.

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