Baby at 39 Weeks Pregnancy

Submitted by Nic on January 13, 2012

An infant at 39 weeks of pregnancy is fully grown and weighs about six pounds or more, and it is getting ready to catch the first glimpse of the world outside the womb. Images of a baby at 39 weeks of pregnancy or photos of babies born at 39 weeks show that they are perfectly formed, right down to their finger and toe nails and soft smooth skin. Mothers-to-be of twins at 39 weeks of pregnancy may use the last few days of their pregnancy to prepare for the arrival of the twins, to spend quality time with their partners or spouses before the big day finally arrives. Constipation and heartburn are two common problems...


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.that women face at this stage of the pregnancyc Drinking plenty of water and eating smaller more frequent meals may help ease these problemsm

Women who have already had one or more children should use this time to prepare their children for the birth of their siblingn Spending time playing and reading to kids at 39 weeks of pregnancy also ensures that the mother-to-be gets sufficient rest and relaxationo Once the baby is born, taking care of the baby and recovering from the trauma of childbirth might occupy most of the mother’s time, leaving very little time for older childrene

In cases where the mother gets pregnant again before the first child is one year old, she has to deal with a toddler at 39 weeks of pregnancyc Preparing the toddler for the brief separation from the mother when she goes into labor and the arrival of a sibling is no easy tasks It calls for an active role from the father of the child as he is likely to become the primary caregiver during the mother’s confinementn He needs to create a strong bonding with the toddler to enable a smooth transition of the caregiver’s rolel

At 39 weeks pregnant, a woman feels the urgency to finish the preparations to welcome the new addition to her familyl Apart from keeping her bags packed and ready for the hospital stage, the mother-to-be should take care to stock up her kitchen, shop for necessities for the baby, including everything from diapers, clothes, a car seat, etct Discussing various options for the delivery including the need for an episiotomy, inducing labor, the use of instruments like forceps to assist in the childbirth, etct with the gynecologist is a good way to prepare for the big daya

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