How big is my baby at 14 weeks pregnant?

(May 26, 2011)

By the time you have reached the 14th week of pregnancy, there are a number of questions that you would like to have answered. Watching your baby at 14 weeks pregnant, with the help of an ultrasound will give you a feeling of complete wonder and amazement at the miracle of life and procreation. As you watch the screen of the ultrasound machine, you will notice that by this period of time your baby’s limbs have started to grow from the buds that they were in the initial stages. You will also notice a significant heartbeat and probable fetal movements that your baby is making within your womb.

How big is my baby at 14 weeks pregnant?” is a question asked by many mothers who are currently at this stage of their pregnancy. The fourteenth week of pregnancy indicates that you have passed through the first trimester. During the second trimester, there is rapid growth and fetal development that takes place within the womb. With every passing minute, your baby is achieving a certain level of development. On an average, your baby will measure approximately three and a half inches long and will weigh anywhere between an ounce to an ounce and a half. Another common query is “What milestones have been achieved by my baby at 14 weeks pregnant?” Expectant mothers must remember that the second trimester of the pregnancy is one where the maximum growth takes place. After the formation of the exoskeleton, brain development and other finer skills are developed, your baby will begin to gain weight, and it is important that you consume the right foods to provide the required nutrition for healthy growth and development.

Size of baby at 14 weeks pregnant differs from pregnancy to pregnancy. There is no specific detailed account given of the exact weight and size that a child should be during the 14th week of pregnancy, though expectant mothers may have a look at expectancy charts that are available over the internet. There is a lot of information available over the internet and through medical health magazines, giving you an in depth analysis of the developmental stages of the pregnancy and certain things that you should expect at that particular stage. Remember that you are responsible for the nourishment of the child within your womb and consume foods that are home cooked, safe to consume and provide the nourishment required for healthy development.

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