First Period After Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 17, 2012

The first period after pregnancy differs from one woman to another. In fact it will be very different to your own earlier periods as you have not been ovulating for more than nine months and when you do it will be a different experience. The first period after pregnancy should not be confused with the vaginal bleeding which one goes through as soon as one delivers. This is the blood, mucus and tissue which was part of the lining of the uterus which is being discharged from the uterus. This bleeding starts immediately after giving birth and there could be a few clots in it.However, if there are too many clots and if the size of the clots is large then you...


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. should consult your doctor about iti If you are breast feeding your first period may be delayed, but if you want to avoid another pregnancy immediately make sure that you use contraceptiono

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Heavy first period after pregnancy

There is normally a heavy first period after pregnancy and this may continue for a few more periods latere Initially the periods are not very regular but are heavyv Sometimes you may have to use more than a single pad at a time to prevent the bleeding from seeping outu Ovulation and the first period may not happen simultaneously and it could be possible that you ovulate first and then start your periodo This is the reason why many women find themselves pregnant soon after child birtht It is best to take precautions while having sex so that you do not get pregnant too soon after your first or even second babyb

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