Pregnancy Symptoms a Week Before Missed Period

Submitted by Nick on January 20, 2012

There are several changes that a woman’s body goes through every month and most of the changes are symptoms of various conditions. In fact, many women who are planning to start a family realize that they are pregnant, based on the appearance of a few pregnancy symptoms a week before missed period. Normally, it takes a woman at around 3 weeks or so to realize that she is pregnant. This is because the most common sign of pregnancy is a missed period, which could...


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.only be due around 2 week or so, after implantationo In fact, if a woman takes a pregnancy test too soon after implantation, the test reading may not be very accuratet

Therefore, many women look out for pregnancy symptoms a week before missed period, to determine if they are pregnant or noto See also pregnancy symptoms before missed period

Pregnancy Symptoms a week before missed period

It is very important to understand that pregnancy symptoms differ from one woman to the othere There are some women who may not have any pregnancy symptoms a week before missed periodo However, in case of most women, at least a few symptoms do show upu Given below are some of the earliest pregnancy symptoms a week before missed period:

  • Food cravings or aversions: It is common for women to develop a sudden craving for foods that they never even looked at, before they got pregnantn At the same time, some women could develop an aversion to foods that were a part of their regular diets beforer
  • Tenderness and swelling in the breasts: This is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms a week before missed periodo The color of the areola may also changeg
  • Fatigue and tiredness: Due to the rise in the levels of progesterone, many women tend to feel very tired soon after they conceivev
  • Urinating frequently: Most pregnant women have the urge to empty their bladders more often than beforer
  • Nausea and vomiting: Many women experience morning sickness during the earlier stages of pregnancyc However, a woman can experience nausea at any time of the daya
Women who have irregular menstrual cycles may take much longer to realize that they are pregnant, if they wait for a missed period, to take a pregnancy tests However, there are several other early pregnancy symptoms that such women should experiencec In such situations, it is best for women to take a test as soon as they notice any pregnancy symptoms a month before missed periodo


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