7 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

When you are expecting a child, there are not many signs that will show early in the pregnancy. The first sign that you are carrying a child is the missing of your period, signifying that fertilization of the egg has taken place and there is now a baby being developed in the womb. A 7 weeks pregnant belly may begin to show, depending on the physical stature of the expectant mother. By the time you have reached the 7 week stage, the baby has already formed with the protrusions for the arms and the legs, though they are not yet fully developed. A 7 week pregnant belly showing will draw a lot of attention from close friends and family and will give you great joy.


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As mentioned earlier, a 7 week pregnant belly size will be proportionate to the stature of the expectant mother. If a woman is short and stout with a good body build, there are chances that her belly may not be so prominent. However, an expectant mother with a wiry build will definitely show prominence in the abdominal area while she is expecting.

Women who are short also tend to show rather early in the pregnancy. A 7 week pregnant belly with twins will definitely be larger than if the expectant mother were carrying just one fetus in the womb. The growth and development of two fetuses will cause the expectant mother’s belly to be much larger and will also look lower than normal, because of the weight that it is carrying.

While you are still in the early stages of your pregnancy, your belly will begin to show and will continue to become more prominent as you near the end of the term of your pregnancy. Doctors always advise expectant mothers to apply lotions around the stomach area to allow the skin to expand without causing any discomfort. Moisturizing the skin through the use of creams and lotions will help in increasing elasticity and avoiding dryness that may cause an irritable rash. As your baby develops within your womb, you will grow larger to allow more room for accommodation of the fetus. A mother expecting twins will be put through a higher level of discomfort because two babies are occupying the space in the womb, with each one wanting to make its own movements for comfort. It is also important that you get enough rest right through the term of your pregnancy.

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