Baby Movement at 36th Week of Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 19, 2012

As the pregnancy progresses from week to week, you will notice a number of changes that take place. Not only does the physical shape of the expectant mother change, but she has a certain glow of contentment on her face as well. Similarly, the child is developing within the womb and there are a number of changes taking place that cannot be seen. During pregnancy week 36, baby movement may not be as often as it used to be. One of the primary reasons for this is the fact that the baby has now moved in to the fetal position and is also ready for delivery. Just as the mother’s body prepares itself for the delivery, the baby’s body also prepares...


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.itself for the deliveryr See also 36 weeks pregnant what to expect

At 36 weeks pregnant baby moving less would usually tend to cause a certain amount of panic among parents who are expecting their first childl

Having an ultrasound will ease your fears and show you that your baby is not moving because he or she has arrived at a comfort zone, where minimal movement is requirede Similarly, when you are at 36 weeks pregnant baby not moving at all would grip you with fear of what may have happenede Staying calm at this point of time is the best thing that an expectant mother could do for her childl Allow your doctor to check and see whether all is well with your pregnancyc During this time, since you are about ready to deliver your full term baby, you need to be aware of certain signs, such as the breaking of your water, that let you know you are going into labor soono At 36 weeks pregnant baby moving a lot is usually indicative that your baby is still looking for a comfortable spot to place him or her self, within the wombm

If at any given point of time you feel that your baby’s movement are too much or too shallow, and if you have a strange feeling, follow your instinct and seek medical advicec There are numerous complications that can arise out of an expectant mother’s involuntary actionsn Once you have had an ultrasound, your doctor will advise you what step to take nextx The most valuable advice anyone can give you is for you to get enough rest as possible during the final stages of your pregnancyc A partner’s moral support also proves to be rather invaluablel

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