38 Weeks Pregnant and Exhausted

Submitted by Nick on February 1, 2012

38 weeks is a long time for any expectant mother. It is a period filled with mixed emotions and by the end of this long journey; it is but natural for a mother-to-be to eagerly await the arrival of her little baby. After being 38 weeks pregnant, exhausted is what most expectant mothers would definitely tend to feel. The leading cause for 38 weeks pregnant fatigue is insomnia. Most expectant mothers find it very difficult to get a good night’s rest, mainly due to the size of their tummy. The large belly makes movement difficult and minimizes the chances of being able to stay comfortable.


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This leaves the mother-to-be tossing and turning through the night. In addition, as the time for the baby’s arrival draws nearer, the uterus falls low as the baby takes its inverted position, in preparation for delivery. This process is referred to as lightening and the baby’s head rests on the uterine mouth in anticipation of delivery.

When this happens, pressure is exerted on the bladder and most women tend to feel the urge to urinate several times during the night. This naturally disturbs the sleep pattern resulting in added exhaustion. Another cause for sleepless nights, as the end of the pregnancy term comes closer, is the fear and anxiety linked with labor and child birth. In most cases, women begin to panic at 38 weeks pregnant and exhausted is what they end up feeling. A woman 38 weeks pregnant so tired, could only ask for enough rest. Also read about Pregnancy Week 38 Nausea

As the end of the pregnancy term draws near, expectant mothers feel a sudden surge of energy. They immediately start preparing for the baby’s arrival by getting the house in order, setting up the nursery and shopping for baby clothes and other baby essentials. This is called the nesting urge and it is a natural part and parcel of pregnancy. Most women tend to go overboard when preparing for the arrival of their baby and do not realize it till they are too tired to do anything else. While pregnant, especially towards the end of the pregnancy term, it is necessary for women to realize that they are now carrying the weight of their unborn baby as well as their increased weight. This is bound to make life more difficult. In addition, the weight of the belly puts the mother-to-be off balance and this makes even routine activities strenuous, at times.

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