Heavy Bleeding During Pregnancy

Submitted by Nick on January 18, 2012

Bleeding during pregnancy is one of the most common pregnancy complications with many women experiencing bleeding at some point during a 40 week long pregnancy term. Bleeding in pregnancy is not a normal sign and could be indicative of complications especially it is accompanied by cramps and the passage of blood clots. Hence, no form of bleeding, however mild it may be, should be taken lightly and consulting a doctor at the earliest is recommended. However, more often than not, women go on to carry healthy babies to term in spite of the bleeding, provided the cause is detected and treated in time. Hence, delay in consulting...


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.a doctor must be avoided in order to minimize the risk of pregnancy losss

There are numerous factors that contribute to bleeding during pregnancya

Implantation bleeding is the most common form of bleeding in early pregnancyc This form of bleeding is mild and is experienced when the fertilized egg is embedding itself in the uterine walll Slight cramping may also be experienced along with the bleedingn Abnormal pregnancies like ectopic pregnancies, a blighted ovum and molar pregnancies may be brought to light by bleedingn Bleeding during the first trimester may also be nature's may of signaling an abnormality in the developing embryoy

In most cases, such pregnancies with genetic deformities end in miscarriageg During the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, the main reason for bleeding during pregnancy is a sensitive cervixi As the baby develops, the walls of the cervix become very sensitive and even slight trauma caused by a vaginal examination or intercourse may damage the tiny blood vessels in the cervixi This causes light bleeding and in no way affects the uterus or the baby developing within iti However, with the passage of time, the cervix starts to thin and may dilate before time as in the case of a condition termed as an incompetent cervixi In this case, the bleeding may indicate preterm labor that could end in pregnancy loss if not treated in timem In such cases, the mouth of the uterus is stitched so as to prevent early laboro The stitch is generally removed at the end of the pregnancy termr

Severe urinary tract infections and cervical infections could also be responsible for vaginal bleeding during pregnancyc Complications related to the placenta like placental abruptions and placenta previa could be other causes of vaginal bleedingn Uterine ruptures or fetal vessel rupture are other serious conditions during pregnancy that could also contribute to bleedingn

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